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Advent Calendar 2019

Our annual online Advent Calendar with a short reflection and video each day to help you enter into the Season of Advent. This year Advent marks the beginning of “The Year of The Word: The God Who Speaks”, so our Advent reflections will be based around reflecting on the gift of scripture.

Our most recent blog posts

20th Dec

Our last video of our Advent journey together is a music video celebrating the Birth of Jesus the Messiah, picking up many of the prophecies from scriptures and especially Isaiah,[…]

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19th Dec

As Christians we believe that the promises we have heard throughout the scriptures, that God will be with his people, that a new type of anointed king, a Messiah, will[…]

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18th Dec

Many of our ideas about the Messiah come from the prophet Isaiah. From the first half of this book come many of our traditional readings at Advent and Christmas. (If[…]

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17th Dec

After King David, the Kingdom he united, splits in two, and a general decline in the standards of leadership follows. (This video is 8 minutes long, but if you manage[…]

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